Saturday, February 6, 2010

Uniqlo Global Recruitment

Attended Uniqlo's global recruitment talk this afternoon at Concorde Hotel.  The talk was just normal, nothing very special, but the package they offered is really not bad, for fresh graduates.

They offer monthly salary of ~S$3000, plus transportation, overtime, & housing allowance, but you have to spend about 4 years in Japan. 

This kind of package is really attractive to me, if I were a fresh graduate.  Your career basically is planned out for the next ten years to the top executive level.  The only variable is your own capability. 

However, they obviously have some kind of age bias, they are only interested in fresh graduates, a little bit of allowance for people who had graduated for 2-3 years, and max 5 years.  More than that, you are not really welcomed.  Ok, at least that is the message from their HR head. 

For those who might be interested, you can visit their recruitment website to apply:

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