Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microstock: A Milestone

Finally, finally, the income from microstock for all these years has come to an amount that is enough to cover the cost of ALL my photography gears.  It feels good.  It is like you take out a loan and that loan is fully paid off.  You are debt free. 

Good though it is, the income is still not big enough to cover some accessories such as my two expensive camera bags, and also the course fees for my photography courses, let alone the big sums I spent on traveling. 

Anyway, anything from microstock from now on is extra money.  Actually I didn't do well with microstock, as it took me 5 years to just get back on investment, it is just return OF my investment, not yet return ON my investment. 

Ok, a milestone reached, time to aim for the next one...

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