Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring 2010 Milan Trip - Part 3: Milan Central Station - A New Look

Milan's Central Station has one of the grandest buildings in Europe.  However, over the years, that glory had been somehow covered under centuries of dust, pollution and bird shit.  This time when I visited the Central Station, I was pleasantly surprised by its new look. 

It seems like the authorities had finally decided it was high time the station had a face lift.  They cleaned up the surface of the building.  The beauty of Italian white marbles regained their beauty and glory.  Modern lighting has been installed to make the interior of the building look spacious and cosy.  It gives you that warm feeling in winter. 

Facilities friendly to the disabled had also been installed, which include two wheelchair friendly escalators connecting the different floors.  In addition, the authorities, somehow, must have learned from their Asian counterparts to make full use of the building space.  They created an addition floor within building, setting up more shop spaces.  The building has been transformed from a single purpose building into a complex meeting both the essential transport needs and shopping. 

The automatic train ticket vending machines had been upgraded.  They are now located right in front of the central ticket office, neatly.  The century-old ticket office had also been upgraded to a modern glass panel office,

Plenty of improvement had been made to this grand building.  Kudos to the Milanese!

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