Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peach Garden @ Orchid Country Club

A company occasion brought us to Peach Garden Restaurant at Orchid Country Club.  The deco is typical oriental with strong Chinese influence.  Well, it is a Chinese restaurant in nature.

The food is not bad.  The presentation itself is very pleasing. 

Shark's fin is presented in an ivory white container.  It gives you a sense of cleanness & zen simplicity, whilst retaining the elegance of this delicacy.

Their shark's fin is cooked together with wintermelon, immersed in high soup.  The taste is on the lighter if you like strong tastes.  For me, it is just nice.  It suits my Cantonese taste buds very well. 

The fish is a mud-fish immersed in Tom Yam soup.  The Tom Yam is the clear-type of Tom Yam.  Wah, this dish is very mouth watering.  The strong taste of Tom Yam covers the mud smell of the fish, whilst still retaining the tenderness & freshness of the fish.  It is one of the highlights of our meal.

The dessert is also quite unusual.  I had expected something like yam, or mango pudding or something in that line, but the dessert they presented was mango with coconut slices, in some nice herbal soup, with a herbal jelly as the side.  The dessert is not too sweet, a slight sweetness but not strong enough to make you feel distasteful. 

Overall the food at this restaurant is pretty decent and suits the Cantonese patrons well, but to food lovers who like to have a stronger impact on their taste buds, it may not be a very good choice. 

Price-wise, it is on the higher end side.  We ordered a set meal for lunch, which already has some good discount for the celebration of NTUC's xx-th anniversary, it still came to S$60 per person after adding all plus plus. 

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