Sunday, May 23, 2010

Private Driving Instructors

I had the opportunity to learn from some of the private driving instructors here in Singapore and would like to share with you my personal experiences.

I got two instructors, one is Mr Ng (Mobile: 97947250) while the other is his buddy Mr Liew (Mobile: 97372607), associated with Singapore Safe Driving Center (SSDC) at Woodlands. 

Mr Ng is quite a character.  He loves his car.  It is quite unlikely you will make mistakes such as hitting the kerb, or mounting the kerb, or bump into anything.  Mr Ng will secretly help you avoid all those mistakes.  He loves you and his car.  If you do make mistakes, his reaction can be quite fierce depending on his mood.  Mr Ng loves to talk too.  His talking can be non-stop from the moment you get into his car to the very moment you get out of his car.  He can talk about almost anything appearing on the Chinese newspaper headlines.  It is a perfect way to train you under real driving conditions.  Ask yourself, how often you are not talking while driving if you have friends or family onboard?  Driving with distraction is a skill, Mr Ng consciously trains you that skill. 

Mr Ng works in a team with Mr Liew.  Mr Ng only takes care of the initial phase of your learning.  The next phase, which is practising in driving school's circuit, and the final phase, passing the practical driving test, come under the responsibility of his buddy, Mr Liew.

Just like you may wonder how some husband and wife with drastically different personalities can live together for life, you may also wonder how Mr Ng and Mr Liew work as a team.  They are so different.  Mr Ng talks non-stop, whilst Mr Liew is a man of few words.  During the driving lesson, he will give you instructions to turn left/right, or go straight, he will give you tips and warnings, he will tell you what you need to do, what you should do, in order to drive safely and to pass your practical test, other than that, he seldom speaks.  The other voice in car comes from the car radio.  Mr Liew listens to Radio 95.8 for news and information. 

Mr Liew lets you be the decision maker behind the steering wheel.  If you make mistake such as hitting the kerb, he will ask you to do it again, practise more, so that you won't make the same mistake again.  Sometimes he will lose his temper too, but he can quickly control his temper.  When he corrects your mistakes, he will make sure you actually understand what he says.   He is very patient, very gentle, like a father teaching his son/daughter driving.

If you are looking for a private driving instructor in Singapore for auto gear car, you may consider the two instructors I mentioned here.  Happy learning.

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