Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Brother Watching

Many people write about their experiences in their blogs without realising somebody, some big brother, may be watching. 

After I posted my recent blog entry about my bad experience at the food court in AMK hub here and the subsequent response from NEA here, I noticed some repeat visits to my blog from a certain shopping centre management company.  I am not sure whether they are the one managing AMK hub but for sure somebody is constantly monitoring the activities in the internet to prune out any potential bad exposures. 

Another example is once I mentioned some opinions about a particular stock photography website in my blog, and the site admin from that stock photo agency actually left a comment on my blog to clarify things. 

If you are writing about a particular business entity, you should have some due diligence before you write, otherwise, there might be some potential trouble awaiting.  Just my 2 cents to share...

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