Thursday, June 7, 2007

Advertising: Seeing Doubles

Seeing doubles in advertising is definitely a no-no. But if you are using photos from a microstock site, that possibility can't be eliminated. Here is the much talk-about article in Wall Street Journal published on 28 Nov 2006, discussing how the same photos appearing in different advertising campaigns, causing embarrasements. You will be surprised how many such incidences happening in the advertising industry from time to time. I do not know when doubles do happen, what are the consequences and how the parties involved actually save their own asses.

Some may call it the fall of the professional photography, I view it as people's power. Everybody is an artist. Any average person has a chance to make their talents known. Professional photography is no longer limited to the rich and elite few in this digital and internet age. Opportunities are opening up to more people.

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