Sunday, June 24, 2007

THE Duomo - Milan

Duomo, the Italian word for cathedral, has now almost become THE Duomo, which refers to the Duomo in Milan.

The Duomo in Milan is the world's largest Gothic cathedral, 3rd largest cathedral. The construction started in 1386, and completed only 5 centuries later by Napoleone. Just when you think it is complete, it goes into perpetural restoration/repair/renovation, or whatever you call it. Two years ago, the facade was under repair/restoration, two years later, the restoration work is still in progress. Ok, ok, comparing with the 5 centuries that it took to complete the duomo, 2 years is really nothing.

Doubtlessly, the architecture of Duomo is magnificent. 135 spires decorate the roof, with a golden La Madonnina dominating the city skies at a height of 108.5m, 3400 statues of medieval motif-saints, animals and monsters protecting this holy place.

Climbing up to the roof terrace of Duomo should be one of the 1000 things you must do before you die. The view is splendid, the grandeur of the duomo is more enticing atop. You would wonder how those saints can stand on that tiny little pinnacle for a few hundred years, withstanding the heat, the cold, the gusting wind without falling down?

To climb up to the roof top, go to the right of Duomo (means your left, if you are facing Duomo). There are actually two entrances. One for people to climb up the steps themselves. The cost is 4 euros. Further up, there is another entrance, you can take the lift there, the cost is 6 euros.

Duomo has caused me quite a bit of depression. Facing such a nice creation, I am at a loss as how I can portrait it in my photographs to show its beauty. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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