Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life is a transient

Buddha said nothing is permanent. The only constant in universe is change. I had heard of these saying hundreds of times, but understanding these sayings is no easy task. Nothing in this world is permanent. Photography is to capture "the moment", make the transient in life eternal. Easy said than done.

I like to photography buildings, landmarks, statues, sculptures. Why? Because they are "permanent". They don't change from this minute to the next. But do they? Look at the Duomo in Milan. It has been standing for more than 6 centuries, but is it always the same? No, it has been in constant change. Change of the architectural style, from Gothic, to late Gothic, to even Baroque. Generations of builders left their mark on this monumental structure. Has that change stopped? No. Change is still happening every single day on this monumental structure.

Life is a transient. Don't worry about tomorrow, don't regret about yesterday, because today is always the most beautiful day. :D

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