Friday, June 8, 2007


I am leaving for Milan, Italy in the evening of 15 Jun, 2007. The feeling is mixed. On the one hand, I am looking forward to the weekend tours that I might make during my two-month stay there; on the other hand, I am a bit worried about the amount of work, the great challenge awaiting me at our design centre there. The problem at hand is a hot potato nobody has come up with any sensible solutions yet.

Most probably I will just take it easy, enjoy my stay there, and the Italian wine. Italian wine has sweet after taste, lovely fragrance, one of my favourites. It will be a shame not to try the Italian wine when you are in Italy. As tax on wine is low or non-existent, the price is also good. One more reason you should try the Italian wine :P

Anyway, just stay tuned to my blog. I will have updates on my Italian stay whenever possible from my busy work and travel :D OMG, I still have not finished my travelogue on Yunnan, neither have I written anything about Angkor Wat and Southern Vietnam yet. That doesn't do justice to those two places. I promise, I will write about them asap.


  1. Mmm... hot potato, sounds like "危机" to me, 有危就有机, wish you good luck