Saturday, June 9, 2007

Venice, Italy

It is quite easy to travel from Milan to Venice (Venezia in Italian). There are 23 trains departing at the Milan Central Station everyday to Venice. The cost is 23 euros one way, travel time is 3 hours. You can check out the train schedule here. For ticket purchase, you can buy your ticket at the ticket office or from the auto ticket machines. Both are located on the basement level of the Central Station. The ticket machines are easy to use, with selections for instruction languages. This is definitely very helpful to people who do not have a clue about Italian :D

The train will bring you to Stazione di Santa Lucia at Venice. Come out of the station, voila, here is the drawing room of Europe, as Napoleon once described Venice. From here, you can decide either walk on your own, or take the vaporetti. Tickets are 5 euros for 90 mins unlimited travel. If you are in a hurry, it is easier to just take a vaporetti to San Marco square, then explore all the major attractions around the square.

San Marco square is the center of attractions in Venice. When I was there on 6 Apr 2005, I witnessed the rare scene of all flags flying half-mask, mourning the death of a great Pope, Pope John Paul II.

Venice is famous for mask making. Those masks are simply beautiful. A picture is worth a thousand words. Just see for yourself.

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