Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Residence Desenzano

In Milan, I live in a service apartment called Residence Desenzano at Via Desenzano. It is in a residential area. Neighbouring are other service apartments and residential housing blocks. There are bars/pubs/pizza shops just around the corner. A small super market right at the exit of the nearest Metro station Gambara. Another bigger one is down San Gimignano. It is much further away, but it offers more stuff.

First Metro train to Duomo leaves at 6.25am at Gambara, reaching Duomo at 6.35am, reaching Milan Central Station at 6.45am.

The staff at Residence Desenzano are friendly. Since I checked in on Sat, I had bugged the receptionist Lorenzo quite a number of times, asking for this asking for that. He had been very helpful in providing information and assistance. And I didn't give him any tips! Probably I should do that later. I appreciate his service very much.

The rooms are quite small, look at the photo right below you will know what I mean.

The residence provides necessary cooking utencils for your use, including a wine opener! It comes in really handy when I need to open the bottle of 2005 Merlot I just bought today :D

The residence's website is here. According to Lorenzo the receptionist, this place is popular with model wannabe's, but so far I have not seen any.

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