Sunday, June 3, 2007 - A photojournalistic approach to blogging

Some time back Phoenix Satelite TV channel featured an interview with a blogger based in Beijing. His blog has gained huge popularity in China and overseas.

This blog adopts a journalistic approach through photography. Everyday, he would go out to snap around, about people, events happening around him. Not famous people, not big events, just ordinary people, daily life events, someone on the street, something trifle. The photos, at first glance, look amateurish and boring, but somehow, these photos manage to catch the essence of life. In a fast changing society, his photos faithfully records down someone's daily life, making 'the moment' eternal. There are virtually no words at his blog, other than his self-introduction. The rest of the blog has nothing but photos. Readers have to interpret what they see themselves.

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