Saturday, March 8, 2008

32" LCD Monitor

Got a 32" LCD TV set recently. Today, I tried to use it as my computer monitor. It is BIG! And that is about all. It is too big for you to sit close to it, but the words on screen are too small for you to see clearly.

Nice to use it to watch movies from my laptop, but using it for photo editing? Mmmmmh........ Not very sure. You need to sit close to see the details, which are critical when it comes to photos. I am amazed by the technology advancement. How much of our life is now revolving around our computer.


  1. Louis, you can go to control panel display option to increase font size for windows, as for browser, use firefox and ctrl + to increase font size.
    These days I am sitting in my couch and using 42" lcd for computing a lot. Been watching quite a few numbers of good movies with it too.

  2. 42" LCD...Wow....

    But what is the max resolution of your LCD? I guess must be true HD, instead of HD ready, which is only xxx by 768.