Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Fall of Soviet Union, The Rise of Russia

Soviet Union was long critized by the west, for the communist rule, the planned economic, etc, etc. The last ruler of Soviet Union, Ah Go, listened to the friendly advice from the west, from the 'democratic' countries, took necessary actions that gained him respect and praise from the west. Came one day in 1991, the Soviet Union that stood up on her own feet for almost a century, collapsed over night. Very nice indeed. Within one day, we had 10 more heads of state. So nice.

Ah Go gained even more praises from the west, for his ingeniuous act to disintegrate his own country, give up his own power, reduce himself from a head of state of one of the only two super powers in the world to a pensioner living on miserable pensions from the state.

His successor gained even more praises from the west. Boris managed to put his new country's economy into a mess. The country defaulted on its debts. People were living in a living hell. But, Boris still gained great praises from the western countries.

Boris decided he like alcohol more than his job, so he handed over his job to a tough guy, Putin. Putin ruled with an iron fist, sorted out the country's economy. People again can have enough food on their table, enough money for them to spend, and even can afford overseas holidays. Putin was condemned by the west, for making Russia a rising power.

The five-circle game is fast approaching. The sleeping dragon is waking up. How can that be allowed to happen?! Sleeping dragon shall forever remain sleeping; otherwise, it should be slayed. In such a case, the pawns are coming on stage. A former slave master is again, trying to regain his power, his power almost as powerful as a local emperor.

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