Friday, March 7, 2008

Strange Things Happened to My Air-Con

I came back home and had big surprised today. The moment I opened my door, I felt a bit cold in the living room. It is not very normal to feel cold in the flat considering I am living in a tropical country without winter. I thought the cold air from last night was trapped in the flat as I didn't open the windows or doors.

I walked around in the flat, still feeling very strange, as it had that feel the air-con was on. I checked the air-con unit in my room. No, it was off. As I walked into the next room, I was horrified. The air-con was blowing full force! No wonder even the floor tiles in the living room were ice-cold.

I don't know how the air-con would turn on on its own. My flatmate didn't turn it on. I didn't turn it on. So who else would have turned it on?

In my previous flat, my former flatmates also told me sometimes the air-con in their rooms would turn on on their own, although I had never encountered that before myself. It is freaking. At SGD$0.50 per hour, I don't know how long the air-con had been turned on without anyone at home, and the amount of money, electricity had been wasted.

Anyone has similar experience before?


  1. I had, mostly its bcos I hav forgotten to turn it off. But I experience the same feeling of wastage. Radio frequencies wretch havoc sometimes .. like my own experience of the tv turning on by itself in the middle of the night *chuckle*


  2. You don't have to find the reason.

    It is GHOSTTTTTT.... you are in the GHOST flat and some days it will haunt you ~~~ Whaa...~~~ Whoooo~~