Saturday, March 15, 2008

House Warming

Had a house warming last night at my flat. Some of colleagues came over to 'warm' up my flat :D

My Indian friend told me they also have house warming in India. They usually warm some milk on the stove, offer some milk to the gods, then the host drinks the rest of the milk. That is the house warming ritual. For us, hehehe... I think we only use the body heat to 'warm' up the flat:D Well, more traditionally, you are supposed to cook a meal in the new flat, and invite your friends to come over for the food. Cooking a meal in the kitchen signifies the 'fire' is lit, and the bigger the 'fire', the more prosperious the family living in the flat will be.

For me, I only ordered some Pizza Hut delivery for my guests. New age, too troublesome to really cook for 10+ guys.

Fit brought his XBOX over, which provided most of the entertainment of the night. The most popular game of course is the football game. The fighting game was not bad. 'Rivals' in the office settled their woes in the 'fighting ring' :D The least popular game was car racing. None of us seemed to be a good driver.

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