Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Malaysia Great Sale

When I was in Malaysia last weekend, it happened they were having the Malaysia Great Sale. Singapore also has its great sale in Jun, but the discounts are not really that attractive, unless you brave the crowd.

It is a bit different in Malaysia. Many shopping centres and shops participate in the great sale, and the cut is really deep. Some items are at 70% discount, and many others are at 50%, 40%, 30% discounts. You rarely see such deep discounts in Singapore. To make it more sweet, the shops are not really that crowded. I was in Klang's Bukit Tinggi Jusco and KL's Mid-valley Mega Mall, the shops were not jam pack. You could shop at ease, without rubbing other's shoulders.

Malaysians sales assistants are mostly youngsters. They may not have very good product knowledge, but they are at least friendly, and approachable.

The Malaysia Great Sale is in March, August & December. If you don't want to miss those sales, plan your trip Malaysia at the right time :D

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