Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FED for the Con Man

The Federal Reserve just announced it would, together with other central banks in the world, inject another US$200 billion into the financial market. Read US$ is going down and down and down, and inflation will go up and up and up!

They claim it is an effort to avoid a recession, but the fact is they are trying to rescue the rascals, the con men in the finanical industry, whose greed grew too big, and too unlucky that they still had all the shit that they wanted to sell to the fools.

No doubt it is true the stability of the financial market is important, but don't forget the fundamental principle of capitalism. Capitalism will only be successful if it is truly market driven. What Ah Ben is doing is just to delay the market's self regulation. Would this mean the bad guys won't be punished by the market force? No! Ah Ben is just blowing up the bubble to make it bigger, so that when the bubble bursts, the pain will be bigger, too.

So what Jim Rogers predicted was right. He said the US$ would continue to decline, and he would move all his assets out of US. What a smart move. Had he not done that, he would be sitting on huge paper loss, or huge piles of useless green paper, not even good enough to be used as toilet paper :D

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