Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My blog has been dull these days. Let me brighten it up a bit today by bringing you to the drawing room of Europe! Where is it? It is Venice, of course, where else? :D

You can never miss the bridge of sighs when you are visiting Venice. It is just as famous as the waterways and the bridges across the grand canal. Flocks of tourists are crowding the bridge with a good view of the bridge of sighs.

Next is the Pinto Rialto. It is one of the only 3 bridges that cross the grand canal. As you can see, it is a major tourist attraction.

And of course, you must see the waterways in Venice, the water city. Water has this magic power of making people feel romantic and warm and soft, just like a girl. The yachts and gondolas remind you there are lots of rich people in this world, which is not a bad thing.

Finally, an aerial view of St Marco's square, with the domes of St Marco in sight.

I hope you enjoy this short virtual tour of Venice.

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