Sunday, June 7, 2009

City Wandering

Yesterday, after attending CMC's trader's psychology seminar, went over to Chinatown to have fish-head rice noodle (mee hoon) at the coffee shop opposite CK departmental store. Heard that that coffee shop is a famous one, for their Cantonese style congee.

Anyway, I still ordered the rice noodle instead of congee. The taste is not too bad, especially the soup.

Once stomach is filled, I wandering over to Orchard to take a look at the sales at Robinson's at Center point. Wow, a lot of people. The queues were long. Bought a T-shirt for my Dad. For the first time ever, I stood in the long queue to pay for the item. It was quite insane, but somehow this time I did it.

Opposite Centerpoint, the new shopping mall - Orchard Central, has already opened its doors to welcome visitors, although unofficially. A handful of shops are open, while the rest are still doing their renovation work.

The place is quite fanciful. Heavy use of glass panels. I always have this phobia that people will just break the glass and jump off to their ... And also I always worry that the glass may break, people may fall... All the pessimistic & weird thoughts, haha....
Orchard Central has a nice viewing platform at the top level. You can have a good view of Orchard Road and its surrounding areas. All you see now is just construction sites and the air-con units at the roof-tops :P

Somehow I have the feeling that Orchard Central will be a disappointment. Looking at the layout, it has the similar concept as the Central Mall. Small alleys, winding walkway, giving people this feel of being squeezed, a sense of insecurity, and most importantly, inefficient use of floor space. I hope my feeling is wrong.

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