Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ice Cream Boy

A young chap selling ice cream came knocking on my door tonight. He said he is from a low-income family, selling ice cream to earn some money to pay for his school fees.

I declined. I didn't buy anything from him. Afterwards, I asked myself, why didn't I buy from him, but from that ear pick guy? Is it because that guy is more handsome or what?

I thought about this question, then I realised something, sales is an art. Some subtle stuff will just make or break your deal.

1. The ear pick guy speaks confidently; ice cream guys speaks timidly
2. The ear pick guy shows me what he is selling, at what price, what it can be used for; ice cream guy didn't show me any samples, or price, only tells me he is selling ice cream. He didn't tempt me with the attractiveness of ice cream
3. The ear pick guy keeps calling me "大哥" (big brother) in Chinese, he repeats that more than 5 times during his introduction; ice cream guy addresses me as "sir", and he only says that once.

I guess if you want to be a door-to-door salesman, better prepare something visually attractive to introduce your products. Speak confidently and loudly. Somehow that gives people very positive impression, while speaking timidly gives people a fishy feel.

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