Friday, June 19, 2009

Taking a Break - From Photography

I decided to take a break from photography. I am not going to abandon this interesting hobby completely, jsut taking a break. If Dr Leslie Tay organizes another around of his food photography workshop, for sure I will sign up at the very minute I get the news. However, for other photography stuff, I may just forgo the opportunity right now.

It it that fatigue setting in. If you photograph people or things day in day out in the same or similar manner, you will get very bored. With my current budget constraint, I can't achieve or try something that I would like to. And I don't want to do all the old stuff anymore. The best option I think is to take a break.

I will shift my focus to developing some other skills, soft and hard, that will be benefitial in the future to achieve my photography goals.

Photography is the same as other important skills in life. You need to feel good to produce something good. At the moment, I have lots of internal conflicts, my different body parts are demanding completely different things. I need to make all of them happy :)

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