Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kill Yourself - For the Sake of the Environment

Reading an article somwhere saying that taking public transport may not be a good idea to reduce carbon emission. Public transports have lots of hidden carbon emission, and it may not be effective at all in reducing CO2.

I would like to know who are these people actually. What are their backgrounds. A possible suspect is that these researches are funded by people who will benefit from people who not taking public transports.

Well, you can argue whatever you want, and it is actually possible that public transports still have a large amount of carbon emission. But, hellow, please, unless you go to the kitchen now and grap a knife and kill yourself, you won't reduce carbon emission to 0. CO2 is a natural part of the air, and its existence has a purpose. Too much CO2 is bad, but then as long as we can strike a balance, then nobody will get hurt. You can't ask everyone to die so that the earth can be saved. If that is the case, what is the purpose of saving the earth? If we need to kill all the babies in the world so that we can have a better world, what is that so-called better world for?

The so-called environmentalists sometimes are insane. Humans no doubt need to care for our mother nature or she will take her revenge, but we have to be realistic as well. Taoism promotes the balance between Ying & Yan and the world will be in peace. You have to strike a balance too. And then some hypercrits just want to make use of environmental issues to work for their own benefit, making a fool of the rest of the world.

I have enough of those stupid idiotic research findings.

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