Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ear Picks

Someone came knocking at my door today, to sell me 3 ear picks at S$5.00. I have seen those ear picks before, made of bamboo, and selling at a very low price back in China. I don't need them, even less willing to buy them at an unnecessary high price, yet, I still bought them.

Why? Somehow I admire that guy's courage and persistentce. He claimed that he is from Temasek Poly, and he has 1000 such ear picks to sell, to fulfill his dream of something that he didn't tell me. It is known that door-to-door salesmen usually get lots of rejections. This young guy then still has the guts to do this, and continues even after rejections. He talks well, he knows how to address his customers to make them feel pleased.

I remember during my university days, I went with a group for this newspaper collection activity. I had to knock at doors to ask people to donate their old newspapers to us. I was so shy, and felt so bad after I had been rejected. I was not as cheerful as this guy.

And, just like many people, some might not even know me, supported me in different stages, different occasions in my life, I might as well give this guy a small token of encouragement, so I bought the 3 ear picks.

I put one of them on my desk, to remind myself that I should be just as hard working, and persistent as that guy. He is my role model :)

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