Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Title: Sucess through a Positive Mental Attitude
Authors: Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone
Publisher: Pocket Books 1987

This is one of Napoleon Hill's motivational books, so it teaches you how to get yourself motivated and keep a positive mental attitude towards obstacles in life.

In general, it is quite a readable book. The message is clear- We need to keep a positive mental attitude. It shows you what kind of wonder a positive mental attitude makes.

However, this book is a bit short of the actual steps, or concrete actions that people can take to achieve a positive mental attitude. As we know, having a positive mental attitude for a while is easy, but keeping such an attitude for life is itself a challenge. Positive mental attitude is like fire, without fuel, it will extinguish. If this book can draft out more concrete steps to take in daily life to keep a positive mental attitude, it will be much more useful.

As Napoleon Hill is a dedicated Christian, inevitably there is a lot of mention of the grace of God, and how praises of God. Some readers may not like this, although it is done in a very sensitive manner.

For myself, this book is quite an eye-opener for me. It opens a new door, new opportunity.

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