Monday, April 19, 2010

Icelandic Volcano Eruption that Disrupted Air Traffic to Europe

Well, for people who had watched the movie 2012, here is a real life version, although less dramatic version of the dooms day scenario.  The eruption of this volcano in Iceland has disrupted thousands of planes in and around Europe, stranded hundreds of thousands of air passengers.  The impact to air travel of this eruption is said to be even bigger than Sept 11 terrorist attack.  For such an important event, how can I miss it and not to blog about it? 

It seems like this year we have exceptionally many natural disasters.  Earth quakes one comes after another, drought, flood, volcanic eruptions.  All kinds of natural disasters happened this year.  If you are a doomsday believer, you shall be happy to see what you believe comes true, or close to it. 

Anyway, I think planet earth is just entering into another phase of her natural life.  The survival of humans has to obey the natural laws.  Don't forget that dinasaurs used to rule this planet but where are they now?  We could only greet them in selected museums.  Don't be too surprised future residents of planet earth will only see humans, or rather remains of humans, in selected museums (if there is any) too. 

Enjoy your life everyday :)

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