Thursday, April 22, 2010

Investment Psychology - 1

To a novice investor, the one utmost important thing in investment is to 'buy low and sell high'.  To a more mature investor, he may consider a  good trading system to be the key to his success.  To an investment guru, success in investment depends on nothing, but sound psychology.  Psychology plays a vital role in one's investment life, it decides whether you will be a successful investor or a sore loser, even before you embark on your investment journey.  However, in most of the investment literatures, psychology is usually neglected, or even purposely ignored.   In recent years, the works of Van Tharp, Alexander Elder, etc have made more investors aware of the importance of investment psychology.  In this series of articles on investment psychology, I would like to share with you what I have understood investment psychology to be, how it plays such an important role in your investment success and some of my personal experiences.  I hope you will find such articles useful to you. 

Thank you :)

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