Friday, April 23, 2010

Jetstar now flies to Osaka, Japan

I received an email from Jetstar today.  They are beginning their flights from Singapore to Osaka, Japan from 5 July 2010 via Taipei!  Wow, it is such great news.  At least we have one more option to choose.

They are currently having a promotional fare of S$248 all inclusive.   For this price, it is indeed cheaper than the other normal airlines by around S$100-200.  S$100-200 may not sound much, but for someone traveling on a shoestring, it is enough to cover 1-2 nights' accommodation, or a couple of meals.  However, when you decide to make the purchase, make sure you read all the fine prints.  S$248 all inclusive only means this price includes the normal fare plus taxes, but there are other small charges that should not be overlooked.

For example, for internet booking and payment by credit card, another ~$6 will be charge per section.   If you have any check-in luggage, additional S$15 will be charge for every check-in luggage up to a certain weight limit (usually 15-20kg). 

Being a budget traveler, you must sum up all the financial charges to have a more realistic picture of how 'cheap' or 'expensive' the air ticket is. 

You can check out the Jetstar offer here.  

Happy traveling.

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