Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disgusting Encounter at AMK Hub Foodcourt

This evening, I had an unpleasant experience at AMK Hub food court.  I bought a bowl of noodle at the XO Noodle stall.  When I took the spoon and chopsticks from the tray, I found wet tissue fragments in the spoon!  This means the spoon was not properly cleaned.  I put that spoon away and took another one.  The second spoon was even more disgusting!  There were some food fragments in it! 

Singapore has always prided herself for being a clean country, but this incident definitely gives a big dent to that image.  Over the years, the standard seems to have gone down significantly.  It is high time both the authorities and the general public come together to improve the hygiene standard in our food courts, hawker centers and coffee shops.  There is no excuse to be dirty even for those low-cost eating places.

Let's all do it together and keep Singapore a clean city.  If you find any unhygiene practice, please don't hesitate to report them to the relevant authority, which is National Environment Agency in this case.  You can make a report online through their online report center at the link below:

You can find a follow-up post on this issue at this blog entry.

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