Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Philosophy of Kazuo Inamori

The founder of Kyocera & KDDI of Japan shares with the readers his personal philosophies of the purpose of one's existence in the world. 

Mr Kazuo Inamori is a Buddhist, so his philosophy is heavily influenced by the Buddhism philosophy.  Many of his believes can be traced back to the teachings of Buddhism.  However, it does not mean this book has nothing new. 

Co-existence is new.  Mr Inamori points out that in the nature, animals co-exist well.  Animals from different parts of the food chain can live together in balance.  For example, tigers feed on wild boars, but have you ever seen a tiger will kill 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 wild boars at one go?  Tigers feed on wild boars, but they don't kill more than what they need.  They don't kill to show off their prey skills, they don't kill to waste.  In contrast, it is so common in modern days to see people leaving 1/4 or half their rice on the plate when they finish their meal.  To some, wasting food is part of their display of wealth.  Animals can coexist with each other, even though one feeds on the other, but humans can't.  Humans are too greedy, too self-centred.  They go all out to achieve their own goals while sacrificing those coexist with us, those that support us.

Mr Inamori, just like other great minds such as Van Tharp, Alexander Elder, T. Harv Eker, shares the view of the law of attraction.  If you always think of all the good things, your life will get better and better day by day.  On the contrary, if you always think of all the bad things, the negative energy will get the better of you, bad things will happen just as you have wished. 

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