Monday, April 19, 2010

Internet Privacy and Identity Theft

With social networks such as getting more and more popular, and people putting more and more of their personal information onto such social media platforms, internet privacy and identity theft becomes a big concern.

Many people tend to think that it is very safe to put up their personal information on the internet, they assume nobody will be so free or may be so coincidental to chance upon their information.  They will be surprised!  If you want to look for information about a particular person, the first thing, and also the easiest thing to do is key in your name into Google's search engine.  Don't believe me?  Just try it for yourself.  Do it NOW! 

How many search results do you find about you?  The authentic information about you?  If you have a facebook account, or twitter account, your name will come up top in the search.  Your blog may come up as well.  It is really just the work of a click of the button and voila, most of your online information will be readily available, to whoever that can do that 'click'. 

Next time when you put up your personal information onto the internet, think thrice before you do that.

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