Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Past Glory

When we were still young, we never thought of one day we would actually get old.  The promise of all those costly cosmetics and all the advancements of medical science.  But then when you really crosses a threshold, then you surprisely discover that no matter how much money you spend on the upkeep of looks, wrinkles will simply creep out from nowhere onto your face, that extra piece of fat just hangs around the most prominent area on your face. 

My dear dear showed me her high school photo the other day, my gosh, all those teenagers are now uncles and aunties.  Not even yet reach 40 but the hair lines are receding a pace that you don't want to know.  My dear dear friend is the only one who still has that youthful look. 

Getting old is not really a problem.  Everybody gets old anyway, no matter how handsome or beautiful or ugly you were when you were young, but once we get old, we all look like tree barks anyway :)  What makes a difference is some grow their knowledge and experience as they grow their age, some only grow old.  When you look back, during that decade that you grew older, did you make any progress in life?  Any aspect of it?  We were all young once, but if that is your only past glory, it is time for you to ponder about life...

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