Sunday, August 29, 2010

C'Nai Hong Kong Cafe Xpress @ East Coast Park

Dined last night at C'Nai Hong Kong Cafe Xpress @ East Coast Park.  The restaurant must have been there for quite a while.  The menu has that tell-tale sign of aging.

We ordered a lamb chop, a claypot stewed beef (柱侯牛腩), and for dessert, gingko & tofu skin dessert (?) (腐竹白果糖水).

The lamb chop looks good, but the portion is really small.  There are only two tiny pieces, plus a tiny pile of meshed potato.

In terms of taste, the lamb chop is a bit on the hard side, not the tender type.  And really, they are probably only good for people on diet, a couple of mouthful bites, and that's it.  Finished!

The stewed beef has all the Cantonese ingredients, but too bad, it lacks the essence of stewed beef.  For stewed beef to be great, you need to have the 'Jing' (胫), but nothing could be found in that claypot.

The dessert was sweet.  Dessert in Chinese is called Tang Shui, literally meaning sugar water, and that is how my dessert tastes, like sugar plus water, and then you put the other ingredients in.

My opinion:

In terms of price, it is average; in terms of taste, it is just so-so, not exceptionally good, nor is it exceptionally bad.  If you are just look for a meal to fill your hungry stomach while enjoying a day out at East Coast Park with your family, at a budget, this Hong Kong Cafe is acceptable.  If you are looking for great taste, then you can forget about it.  This is not the place.  Nonetheless, this Hong Kong Cafe is still better than Ximending that I blogged about in this blog entry.

Rating: 2.5/5

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