Friday, August 27, 2010

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (精武风云 - 陈真)

Mark your calender - Sept 23, that's the date Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen comes on the big screen in Singapore's cinemas.

This movie has a strong cast, including Chinese Kungfu star Donnie Yan, Sex magnet Shu Qi, many times Hong Kong Film Award winner and Taiwan Golden Horse Award winner Anthony Wong, and directed by Wai Keung Lau, the same director of the now world famous movie Infernal Affairs (无间道).

In recent years, Donnie Yan did a great job both as a Chinese kungfu practitioner and an actor.  He acted elegantly in the movie Ip Man (叶问), in which he brought on screen a lively Chinese Kungfu master Mr Ip Man.  Both his kungfu and his acting skills draw the attentions of his audiences.  The movie is so successful that soon there is a sequel - Ip Man 2, still starring the elegant Donnie Yan.  Again Donnie impressed the movie-goers.

In another movie, The Body Guard (十月围城), he again brought to life a gambler - Shen Chong Yang (沈重阳), a man who is bordering between a bad guy and a good guy, a man who is addicted to gambling, but at the same time, stubbornly keeping his promises to people he cares.

There are many more movies in which Donnie Yan had impressed his audiences with his kungfu and acting.  In the movies, the role he plays is a legend; in real life, Donnie Yan himself is living legend.  I am eagerly looking forward to this movie.  A movie starring by a modern movie legend is something that should never be missed.

If you want to get an early peek into this movie, you can visit the movie's official website at

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