Monday, August 2, 2010


I guess the hottest topic, the hottest counter in the Singapore Stock Exchange must be Kreuz, a small little company spun off from its parent Swiber, an oil & gas service company. 

Look at this chart, and you will understand why.  The company was only listed in Catalist on 29 July 2010, which was last Thursday.  The price has shot up from its IPO price of $0.27 to today's close of $0.44.  This is a whopping 63% gain over 3 trading days!  Whoever got the IPO shares are happy.  If you have sold your IPO shares early, on the first day, or second day of trading, don't feel sad either.  You have made your share of the money, let others make theirs.  Whatever goes up, will go down.  Whatever goes up fast, goes down fast too, so don't get upset of selling too early, or not getting any from the IPO allocation.

If you are still holding this counter, you may want to apply a much tighter trailing stop so that you will not turn a winning trading into a losing trade. 

Happy investing!

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