Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have Your Dreams Come True, Yet?

I had chat with a friend yesterday on the concerts that she had attended.  Her idols are S.H.E & Mandarin Pop God Father Jay Chow.  She decisively took the plunge to pay for the high prices of S.H.E's and Jay Chow's concerts tickets.  Now that she had attended both concerts, she is contented, and her dreams in this aspect had been fulfilled.

Reflecting on myself.  My idols?  Not really anyone.  Whose concerts that I ever wanted to attend?  There are many, include Roman Tam (罗文), Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Emily Chow and Teresa Teng.  Can you count how many dead people's names are there?  Other than Emily Chow, my dreams to attend other singers' concert will never be fulfilled.

Once a photographer told me, when you have a dream, you must have a plan to fulfill that dream.  The perfect conditions to fulfill your dream will never come, you have to make do with something, have compromises, but you must plan and act.

May you have an action plan for your dreams and may your dreams come true!

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