Saturday, August 14, 2010

SALT & GV Max@Vivo City

The latest spy movie this summer is SALT, a story about a Russian-American double agent, who was planted by the Russian, but also works for the American. 

The story is twisted many times in the movie, and you will be wondering who is the good guy who is the bad guy from the beginning till the end of the movie.  And even at the end, the director, or script-writer, left a great suspense as what happens at the end.  The end of the movie is not really an end, and you can expect a sequal to come out in the future. 

Angelina Jolie did a good job in the movie.  Lots lots of high speed fighting, lots of car crashes and chases, lots of bullets being fired.  Being a viewer, you will be entertained for the entire duration of the movie, which is about 100 minutes.

It is worth mentioning the GV Max cinema at Vivo City.  It has the biggest leg room amongst all the cinemas that I have been to.  You can comfortably stretch your legs.  And when someone has to pass by you, you don't need to stand up or something to let the guy pass.  It is pretty great. 

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