Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiger Airways Disappoints, AGAIN!

Local Chinese medium reported that Tiger Airways cancelled its flights between Singapore and Macau TR2906 & TR2907 yesterday, without any explaination (虎航临时取消澳门班机 引起约60多乘客不满).  To make things worse, the airline didn't inform their customers in advance.  Instead, the passengers only found out the cancellation when they arrived at the airport.

In a separate report, it was reported that passengers lost their valuables in their check-in luggage after taking the same flight from Singapore to Shenzhen.  When Tiger Airways was contacted by the reporter, their response was that passengers are responsible for the safety of their own belongs.  They didn't start an internal investigation for the theft, instead, they simply put the blame on their passengers. 

Being a public-listed company in Singapore, Tiger Airways should provide at least the minimum standard to their passengers.  If they can't fill their seats, and they want to cancel the flight to cut costs, then they should at least inform the affected passengers at least 1 day in advance, and give the passengers other options.  In this particular case, they let the passengers have the choice of a refund, but the cost of other travel-related expenses, such as hotel and transportation, are not covered by Tiger.  This is a typical case of 'take it, or leave it' attitude. 

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