Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Orange Lantern @ Harbour Front

Had lunch with a friend the other day at The Orange Lantern @ Harbour Front for Vietnamese cusine.  The restaurant is tucked in one corner of the Harbour Front building, with travelers coming and going for cruises passing by with luggage.  The eating environment is ok, but a bit not so cosy.

In terms of food, it is not really that authentic Vietnamese.  The soup is not as tasty and the smell is also a bit different.  But they still retain the signiture of Vietnamese food, which is the side dishes with bean sprout and mint leaves.  Be a bit careful about the mint leaves.  They are not really that well-cleaned.  I have to turn over every leave before I eat to make sure I don't eat rubbish. 

My personal favour is actually their appetizer - Vietnamese Imperial Spring Rolls.  The 'skin' is very cripsy and I like it.  The filling inside consists of reddish, carrot, and some other vegies, so it is reasonably healthy.  But, my dining companion doesn't think there is anything special about this spring roll.  Just 'normal'.

My rating: 3.5/5
It is quite ok, but not outstanding. 

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