Thursday, August 9, 2007

Any Website that showcases GOOD Chinese Food?

Does anyone know of any website that showcases GOOD Chinese food? One of my Italian colleagues asked me about the Chinese food. He had had Chinese food for a few occasions in Chinese restaurants in Italy, but the food was so terrible that he felt like trashing it straight away to the rubbish bin! He also commented that the Chinese food was very oily! I must agree that Chinese food in western countries tend to taste terrible. I only had Chinese food once in LA, and I can still remember how bad the food tasted! That is the reason why for my two-month stay in Italy, I had never stepped into a Chinese restaurant before. ;P So now I am looking for a website to show my colleague what true Chinese food looks like, especially the good ones. I can't let the bad taste 'overseas' Chinese food tarnish the reputation of the real Chinese cuisine, can I? Any one? Any website?


  1. How about ask your friend if he is keen to go Prima restaurant for good chinese food and panoramic view of the island. We can take photos too, I will join in...

  2. Then I have to wait for him to come to Singapore first :)