Friday, August 3, 2007

Santa Cristina - An Affordable Italian Wine

When it comes to wine, Italy is a heaven for any wine lover. There are many many different varieties, and the price is no much more expensive than water. One of my colleagues, Fabio R's father, actually has a vineyard and a small brewery. They have their own family wine. Another colleague, Paolo C., who is from Venice, told me that his parents trained them with wine since young. He grew up with wine. Thanks to his good taste in wine, I drank LOTS of good wine for my last trip to Milan.

Michele B. recommended me an affordable wine - Santa Cristina. It is a red wine from Tuscany. The moment you open the bottle, the fragrance immediately tempts your taste buds. The wine is clear, with no visible sediments. Take a sip, very smooth. Most importantly, it does not have the bitter after taste. Instead, it is sweet, not too sweet, just nice, perfect.

For a 750ml bottle 2005 Santa Cristina, guess what is the price? Between 4.50 - 4.79 euros from the local supermarkets! This wine is an excellent choice to go with your red meat dishes. Give it a try when you are in Italy next time. You will not regret :) My personal guarantee.

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