Thursday, August 23, 2007

MBA: For the riches only :(

After I came back from Italy early this month, life has been quite boring. With more time on hand, I would like to pick up some skills & "upgrade" myself, an MBA seems to be a good option. So I did some research on the local institutions that offer MBA courses.

1. Singapore Management University (

SMU does not really have an MBA course, but they have a course called Master of Science in Management. The curriculum is more or less the same as the MBA courses offered by other instituions. For admission, simple requirements such as degree holder with x years of working experience, GMAT, etc. The course fee? Roughly SGD$20,000.

2. Insead (

This is a prestigious French institution. Their curriculum seems to be very rigious and exciting. You are required to pick up a 3rd language during the course (other than your mother togue & 2nd language); to study on campus in France & Singapore for the EMBA course, & Singapore/France/Beijing for the joint MBA course offered by both Insead & Tsinghua University. The course fee? 85,000 euros for the Executive MBA (EMBA) & USD$65,000 for the joint Insead & Tshinghua MBA!

3. Nanyang Technological University (

They offered a variety of different MBA courses. Again the school fee is about SGD$20,000.

People have been saying MBA is for you to network with the 'right' (read 'RICH') people. 85,000 euros plus all the travel expenses for trips to/fro France, Singapore & Beijing, you really need a deep pocket. For the less expensive, SGD$20,000 is still no small sum for any average engineer.

Does anyone know of any management course (may not necessarily an MBA course) with a more reasonable fee? I want to pick up a management course, as it seems what they teach will be increasingly necessary for my daily work. It will be good for my future development, too.

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