Sunday, August 5, 2007

YouTube - A Treasure Mountain

Internet is one big treasure mountain with gold awaiting for the savvy gold-digger to discover. Among this gold mine, YouTube is a gold mine within a gold mine.

Some may just dismiss YouTube as a trash bin where people having nothing to do upload their nonsense to create more internet garbage. However, as I find out, it is far from the truth. Very much to the contrary, YouTube has just as much infomration as the internet in general provides.

People share videos from how to do Photoshop tricks, to Chinese Kongfu, to swimming instructions. Better than the old internet where you can see words & maybe some still pictures, you are now shown the steps in motion.

Just to show you some examples:

1. Photoshop tutorials

2. Tai Chi

3. How to Swim (in Chinese)

YouTube's address, is of course,

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