Sunday, August 12, 2007

Traveling "Business Class"

Well, I traveled "Business Class"! When I boarded the flight from Milan to Amsterdam, the lady happily told me "Now we travel business class!". I was like "Er? Business class? From Milan to Amsterdam? That 1 hour 30 mins flight? On a Fokker 100 Jet?" What kind of difference can you expect between a "business class" and an "economic class" for such a small plane?

As it turned out, indeed there were some differences. Economy class had only a crappy sandwich for lunch, while we got a crappy meal :) We also have a little bit more of leg room. You can stretch your legs all the way, isn't it good?

So there was my very 1st time traveling "business class". I couldn't help laughing when I typed this. It is more like a joke than real :D

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