Thursday, August 16, 2007

Self-glorification & "security issues"

We had our quarterly departmental meeting today. As usual, some self-glorifications from a certain faction of the department was rampant. During the teabreak, I "congratulated" the actual person who handled that situation, and we both ended up mocking each other and had a good laugh. I can hardly imagine some people can actually come out with such shameless self-praising speech. Mmmh, maybe it is not true. Don't you think the local PAPeRs are a good example?

Then a director again brought up the "security issue" to limit our access between workstations and PCs. The sole purpose? Of course to make people's life more difficult lah! What else?! If our life is too easy, then how can we feel his presence? his power? his great "responsibilities"? "Security" has always been used as the perfect excuse to make life harder and harder. This kind of A-hole can only survive in Singapore. He would have been told to f*** off if he dares to do it in Europe. Too bad, we are in Asia, and must respect the Asian culture. Being an Asian myself, when did our culture become A-hole culture?

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