Friday, August 17, 2007

Salaries in Singapore

Ever wonder how much others are earning? Salary is always a point of interest for many, yet it is always a sensitive topic to discuss. Recently I was directed to this website about salaries in Singapore -

It is eye-opening. The statistics are readily available, how much each profession earns is listed. However, those numbers may dash the hopes of many youngsters. Life is actually not that rosy. Professionals, managers may not earn as much as you would like them to. The median salary of a professional between 35-40 years old is only a mere S$4200! Consider an ordinary Singaporean man who graduates at the age of 25, by age 35, he has worked for 10 full years. The managers fare a bit better. For the same age group, the median salary is ~S$6000. It is considered as 'high' income, but still far from a luxury life.

Moral of the story? Strike out on your own, be your own boss :)

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