Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Boring Single's Weekends...

A columnist of Sunday Times laments that how boring her weekends are being a single. She does not have as jam-packed weekends as her married friends. To a great extent, it is true. Being single means you are alone most of the time, including weekends. Unless you have a huge social circle with many single friends, you will feel being left alone, especially on weekends; while your married friends have to juggle with all their family responsibilities, feeling jealous of the freedom the singles have.

A novel called 'Wei-cheng' (City under siege) 围城 by a famous Chinese auther Qian Zhong-shu (钱钟书)described this situation very well. People who are outside the city want to get in, while those who are in the city want to get out.

Hahaha... Just like what the Chinese say, you seem to be in a better situation than me in my eyes; while I seem to be in a better situation than you in your eyes. (你看我好,我看你好)There is no need for the singles to feel jealous about the married's life. You should just make your own life more interesting.

Pick up a hobby, or start learning something new seriously, that will take up all your 'boring' weekend time. In the past, I was more engaged in photography. It is a time-consuming hobby, other than expensive. Once you go out for a shoot, it most probably will take up your whole day. Even if you are a lazy bug who does all the shooting at home, your time still literally flies. For example, a simple still life shoot will take up a couple of hours, to the least. And that is assuming you are not a perfectionist, and easily satisfied. The post processing time is not even included.

Or how about study for something. I started reading those study materials for CFA level 1. My gosh, so many reading materials.

How about hitting the gym? Or the swimming pool. There are endless possibilities, but, of course, only if you have the discipline and determination to do all these.

Oh, at the end, I still must say single's life is indeed a bit lonely. A family life will be more fulfilling, but only if it is a happy family.

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