Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Iron...

I hesitated a bit whether I should write this. For sure you have heard of Iron lady, Iron man, Iron fist, etc, etc, but have you heard of IRON GROIN? A video clip is circulating in the Chinese internet community recently showing a man using his genital to pull the weight of a skinny teenager, then he uses his genital to pull a stone drum.

The man is said to be a kungfu monk called Shi Yan-Wu (释延武) from the famous Shaolin Temple, a master of authentic Shaolin Kungfu. When the media contacted Shaolin Temple, they acknowledge there is such Shaolin Kungfu known as Iron Groin (铁档功) and some of the Kungfu monks indeed are master of it; however, they deny Shi Yan-wu is a Shaolin monk. Interesting.

Many have used the Shaolin title to mislead people into believing they are secular disciples of Shaolin Temple, although they are not. The sole purpose is to use the name to profit for themselves.

The video is made like a news broadcast on TV, but the last few minutes which includes contact numbers for people to call (just like those TV ads) makes it look like an advertisement.

What do I say? 无语。

Anyway, the link to the video clip is below.

Warning: Male nudity, enter at your own risk and for 18 yo and above only!

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  1. Hi, i have exactly the same watch as you. have you found out the details for it? i cant seem to find it.