Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Place to Call Home

I got the key to my flat today. Finally, I have a place to call my home. I can do whatever I like there, do it up to my taste, not anyone else's. I am happy.

The living room is not as spacious as the one I am living in now, but should be big enough to host some still life photo shoots if my photography buddies are ever interested :) And I should have a room for my guests. My international friends who happen to drop by now can have 'free' accommodation, and I can have the opportunity to be a 'good' host, finally.

Buying a flat at a property market uptrend is not really that favourable. The price went up quite a lot when I bought it. It becomes even worse coupled with rising inflation. Everything, from furniture to electrical appliances, to whatsoever that you can think of are rising in price. The service you receive is also worse. Not that they are rude to you, but they are simply overwhelmed by the number of customers. Business is thriving.

Now I can pamper myself a bit more, too. Feeling happy...


  1. Congrats and where is ur new home? still over at western sgp? LeiNaj

  2. thanks LeiNaj. This time it is in the north:)

  3. north, near my place, must pay you a visit soon

  4. Stanley,

    you are welcome to come & visit me, after i make the place more 'presentatable' :) It is only a bare flat at the moment.

  5. Congrats for your new house! North in which area? will pay you a visit... hvb88.